How to Buy Perfect Jeans Online?


Everyone buys a pair of jeans online once in a while. And all those who do are familiar with the sad feeling of not getting the correct size. Online shopping has become more than just comfort; it is essentiality now. But, sometimes, misfit jeans are heartbreaking.

Online stores provide endless variety in jeans. You can buy wholesale jeans or individual pairs. However, the question of attaining the “perfect fit” remains. This article will show you the best way to purchase ideal jeans online. Yes, it requires some initial effort, but it will save you from all the unsatisfaction!

Tips To Get the Perfect Jeans Online

Take Accurate Measurements

Many users “estimate” their waist and hips measurements. An approximation and knowing the exact size are two widely different things (there is no way to emphasize more). Take a measuring tape and measure your waist. Level the tape with your belly button and breath (normally) to get the perfect waist size.

Next, take the hip measurement. Align the tape to the top of your hips and close it on the front zipper. Hip measurements help you decide whether a specific jean shape will fit you or not. So please don’t skip it.

Since jeans are available in different lengths, the last step is to measure your inseam. The measurement from the leg’s opening to the crotch or the inseam varies according to jean type.

Read The Available Chart Carefully

Size charts vary with brands. If you are wearing medium-sized jeans of one brand, it may be small of the brand. You need to decide the best size according to your measurements.

Some individuals try to buy oversized jeans for more breathability. It is not an ideal practice. If you want breathability or baggy-looking jeans, you should change the “type” and not the “size”.

The Style

Jeans come in various styles like bootcut, straight-legged jeans, flared jeans, mom jeans, etc. Pick a suitable style for the best experience. If you are unsure about the suitability of different types, refer to the summary below:

  • Bootcut jeans offer the most comfort and breathability. They provide a stylish casual look with all kinds of shoes.
  • Straight-legged jeans are best for athletic calves and thighs. They are more suitable for slimmer legs because there is less leg space.
  • Bell bottom jeans are a timeless fashion choice. They look remarkable with off-shoulder or high-necked sleeveless tops.

The Fabric

Then, there is the fabric. If you are buying denim jeans, they are equally wearable in summer and winter. However, consider lightness and breathability if you are buying for a specific season.

Don’t forget the elasticity. Denim jeans are pretty stretchable. However, it is best to double-check for a higher figure of elasticity.

Read The Reviews

When buying jeans, online reviews are your best buddies. Reading user reviews will tell you about the reliability of the product. Also, you will get insights about the brand’s sizes (like if it’s medium, its best for so and so waist measures, etc.). So, don’t ignore the reviews.

The Bottom Line

Buying jeans online is fun; however, getting the right ones is trickier as there are countless options, and the size charts vary. Therefore, you need to stick to some pro tips to make the best buy.

Taking measurements is essential as approximating them will likely end in a failed buy. Next comes reading the size charts and deciding a fit accordingly. It is the selective part, so you should take your time and decide. Lastly, take note of the style, fabric, and elasticity. To know about the quality and user satisfaction rate, give the reviews a read (an obligation for buying good jeans online!).


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